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Choosing A Mesothelioma Lawyer

For those diagnosed with mesothelioma, hiring an established lawyer marks the crucial first step toward holding companies accountable and seeking compensation for the damages caused by asbestos exposure.

Choosing a mesothelioma lawyer is a very personal decision. The ideal lawyer is not only equipped with resources and experience necessary to get you the compensation you deserve but also is responsive to your needs, empathetic to your unique medical situation, and wholly invested in your family’s future.

Before partnering with a lawyer, it’s important to ask questions to help you determine if he or she is experienced enough to take your case. These may include:

  • How knowledgeable are you about the different options for seeking compensation?
  • What is your track record with trust fund claims and mesothelioma lawsuits?
  • Can you be easily reached to answer questions I may have during the process?
  • Do you have the resources needed to make my cases successful?

You’ll find few lawyers can surpass the experience, resources, and compassionate legal help that Weitz & Luxenberg attorneys have provided asbestos victims for more than 30 years. With 33,000 asbestos cases under our belt, we’re ready to help even more families seek justice.

Attorney Spotlight

Jerry Kristal

Jerry Kristal
Managing Attorney

Named a “New York Super Lawyer,” Jerry Kristal is the managing attorney of our firm’s New Jersey office, and he plays an active role in our asbestos cases. Some of the verdicts he has obtained are among the highest against U.S. asbestos defendants.

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Charles M. Ferguson

Charles M. Ferguson
Practice Group Chair

Charles M. Ferguson, Esq., has been fighting for asbestos victims’ rights for more than 25 years. He joined Weitz & Luxenberg in 1989 as an associate attorney in our Asbestos Litigation group, and now he helps manage the firm’s asbestos practice.

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* While our past record doesn’t guarantee future success, it is something you may want to consider when evaluating our experience.