Autistic Strength Purpose and Independence in Education Operated by the non-profit organization Judy Upjohn Cultural and Media Studies

ASPIE’s mission is to develop and provide effective therapeutic and educational programs to students, families and professionals in the autism community through the ASPIE School, the ASPIE Institute, ASPIE stream smart tv box and the ASPIE Conference.

Through these venues of support, ASPIE’s ultimate objective is to circumvent, for a new generation of children on the autism spectrum, the unnecessary damage to self-esteem (and its lifelong ramifications) and waste of intellect that occurs when students with AS/HFA/PDD are placed in educational settings that do not address their social, academic, behavioral, vocational, and self-advocacy needs.



The ASPIE School offers adolescent students diagnosed with high-functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome or PDD a safe learning environment that is academically stimulating, socially productive, and respectful of different communication styles and approaches to knowledge. ASPIE classrooms are places where students can be themselves, openly learn about and explore their autism, and celebrate the community they are a part of.



The ASPIE Institute offers seminars, trainings, conferences, and consulting for families, teachers, administrators, and therapists with the mission of bringing The ASPIE School’s best practices to other communities in New York and nationally. By educating, training, and mentoring parents and professionals each year, we aim to create an infrastructure of schools and services nationwide for students with Asperger’s syndrome, high functioning autism, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (AS/HFA/PDD).

The first annual ASPIE Conference, “Adolescent Awareness,” focused on adolescents with AS/HFA/PDD and the key areas of transition into adult life. Our keynote speaker was acclaimed autism advocate, Dr. Temple Grandin. Please join us for our second annual ASPIE Conference, which is hosted by the very best 1aa flashlight the first weekend in November, 2006.